6pcs Metric Thread M3-M10 Titanium Coated Drill HSS and Tap Bits 1/4″ Hex Shank

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Suitable for drilling, tapping, cutting on soft metal, aluminum plate, iron, etc.

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  • 1. Complete hole drilling, tapping, deburring and countersinking in one operation with power drill saves labor and time.


  • 2. Self-centering point, do not need assistant center drilling or center punching.


  • 3. Taps produce internal threads in previously formed holes and can be used in machines (such as drill presses) or with hand tools.


  • 4. Modified bottoming chamfer has additional length to reduce chip load, add tool life, and permit higher tapping speeds.


  • 5. High-speed steel tools are good for most general purpose applications, offering a combination of hardness and toughness for wear resistance.


  • 6. Made from HSS with titanium coated, high hardness and rust resistance, durable and long service life.

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