The 2021 Semi Annual Meeting

CEO, Mr. Robin, vice general manager Mr. Andy and all department managers, general affairs department members and all sales staffs attended the conference.
The agenda including CEO speaking, department manager speaking and each staff speaking, statement by chairman of head Office and final summary by CEO.

First of all, Mr. Robin (CEO) made a semi-annual work report of the company, briefly reviewed the company’s basic operating conditions in the first half of the year, summarized the achievements of each sector, analyzed the problems and deficiencies in the development process, and put forward the work goals and measures for the second half of the year. All the staff will strive to achieve key breakthroughs in both revenue and profit growth.

After Robin’s speaking, Mr. Andy Wang made report for January-June’ s work, analyzed the difficulties company faced in last months and presented the Cake Theory, expressed the best wishes for company’s development in next months.
Then, Ms. Li, the Integrated Manager, summarized the sales data, profits and draw back of the first semi-annual year. She also reported the performance of each division and each business, gross profit.

Each department manager also made a summary for their and their sector’s work, analyzed the issues and improvement.
After manager’s speaking, each staff made presentation and summary for their work and presented the new plan for welcoming the new time.

Mr. Robin commented on every staff’s speaking and presented efficient suggestions.
Chairman Liu attended the meeting, commented on the company’s operation and business, and put forward some constructive suggestions.

Finally, Mr. Robin thanks Liu and made the conclusion for this conference. And he made some new plans for the remaining half of the month. He specially stressed the importance of bringing in new talent and requested. As Robin said, Talent is the foundation of an enterprise. Next, we must completed 10-20 new talents introduction!

semi annual meeting

Post time: Jul-16-2021

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