Sanding Sponge Pad 120*100*12mm 60-320 Grit Polishing Sanding Block

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Produced with high density sponge as well as special tiny alumina emery. It can be easily washed and reused.

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Material and size – Produced with high density sponge as well as special tiny alumina emery. It can be easily washed and reused. Each standing sponge piece is around 4.72 x 4 x 0.47inches/120 x 100 x 12mm. Please note that sponge weight will vary with grades
Fine workmanship – Double sides have been covered using fine tiny alumina emery. This isn’t only durable but also reusable. Its inside contains durable high – density sponge, durable sponge inside, solid and no easy to break, also resistant to water, wear, acid and alkali.
Usage and preservation – It can be directly used for dry or wet on the surface of the object for polishing, the sponge has a nice cleaning and polishing effect. Sponge Sanding is widely used on wood, glass, metal, paint, plastics, porcelain, PVC, steel, stone, and other polishing and burnishing arts crafts projects. It can be tailored in order fit in perfectly with any shape’s size thereby avoiding waste. Please ensure that water is extruded after usage. After this, it should be put in a place that is ventilated and dry. This will help to ensure it lasts as long as possible.
Nice polishing tool Perfect for woodworking furniture polishing, amber polishing, metal derusting polishing and kitchen appliance cleaning. The sponge is perfect and can work on surfaces that are irregular and flat. Please note that it shouldn’t be used on a boiler coating surface (high grade nonstick).

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