Aluminum Oxide Sanding Belts

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shaping and sanding. The sandpaper is mainly used for wood / aluminum / metal / glass / plastic / stone etc.

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Application: Sanding belts is a perfect tool for grinding, stripping, shaping and sanding. The sandpaper is mainly used for wood / aluminum / metal / glass / plastic / stone etc.
PREMIUM MATERIAL- sanding belt is made of X-Weight clothed backing, high quality aluminum oxide particles,with good abrasion resistance, antistatic and anti-clogging functions,to extend the service life of the abrasive belt.

Smooth Seams-Durable - The sanding belt joint is firm and not easy to break under pressure. The two-way tape joint eliminates the bumps at the joint and can be driven in any direction to provide perfect polishing quality

Widely Used- Suitable for 3 Inch x 21 Inch (75×533 mm)Belt Sander– provides heavy duty stripping and polishing tools for wood, aluminium, fiberglass, rubber, plastic and non-ferrous metals.

More Choice- Available in a wide range of uniformed grit ​in POTUINOM store -40/60/80/120/150/180/240/320/400 to meet your requirements for different materials and applications

Reinforced Belt Joint- sanding belts 3×21 with smooth seam line, which have strong adhesive German joint tape on the cloth backing to eliminate splice bumps. The joint of sand surface is flat and firm to keep belt sander not jump during the grinding process.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee: We are confident to offer the 100% satisfaction guarantee, as we are confident you will be satisfied with our sanding belts. Please feel free to contact us if there is any question about this product, we will solve your concerns within 24 hours.
Our sanding belts are made of heat and moisture resistant materials and are designed with Bi-directional joint that won’t break under pressure.
Firm connection: The seams are well treated to eliminate splice bump. The belt interface is firm and will not break and jump while using.

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