3 Teeth Circular Saw Blade Carbide Tipped Cutting Disc Wood Cutting Blade For Angle Grinder

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Special for an angle grinder ,great for wood cutting,long life performance.

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Name:Wood Saw Blade For Angle Grinder

Type:cutting disc



Blade Diameter:4.5-12inch

Blade Thickness:0.05inch

Material:Diamond +Carbide steel


Packing:Double blister/box/customized

Features:The saw blade has fewer teeth and is able to remove debris smoothly, and the saw blade will not be heated. Therefore, the saw blade has a long service life.When the three teeth saw blade is used, it can move in any direction and complete a variety of cutting requirements. It’s more mobility. Three teeth means the blade is more circular and should help prevent kickback-that harsh recoil that can cause accidents and damage.




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