99pc HSS Twist Drill Bit Set Tool Kit for steel

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Easy to use, high quality,good performance, long life .

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  • Product Name:HSS Straight Shank Twist Drill Bits


  • Material:HSS4241, HSS4341, HSS9341, HSS6542(M2), M35(Cobalt 5%), M42(Cobalt 8%)


  • Color (Surface Finish):Black Oxide/Tin-coated/Bright/Black&Gold /Black&White/Sandblast&Polished/ Rainbow


  • Point Angle:118°/135° Application:Metal drilling Process:Fully Ground, Milled, Roll Forged


  • Roll&Polished:Standard DIN338, DIN340, DIN1897, DIN1869, Jobber Length

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