Abrasive Metal Cutting Disc Cut Off Wheel Grinding Disc

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Mounted point is securely fastened to a metal spindle for safe use with die grinder. Abrasive lightly deburrs and finishes the workpiece without changing geometry. Shank size include 1/8″ and 1/4″.

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1: There are many materials of flap disc : Alumium Oxide, Zirconia, Ceramic, Wool, No-Woven.
2: Highest quality grains and backing material for our flap discs.
3: Ideal for edge finishing, profile applications, weld fusion and radius grinding of non-ferrous materials. In addition, it can be applied to fiberglass, metal, glass, wood, stone and other uneven surfaces.
4:Wide application: rust, paint,ferrous,stainless steel,and non-ferrous metals,wood and plastics;fits for most air and electric grinders.
5: Types: T29 and T27 both available, Which Can be used for edge-working or contoured applications.
6: Regular grit: 36#, 40#, 60#, 80#, 100#, 120#, 240#, 320#.
7: Regular diameter: 115mm-4.5″ / 125mm-5″/ 150mm-6″
abrasive cutting disc cutting disc cut off


1. Professional Manufacturer of high performance abrasivs for metal cutting and drilling.
2. We develop,produce and sell tools that deliver more performance with less effort: due to faster work progress,better
results,longer lifetime.
3. Want to further strengthen our market share as a tool specialist by making targeted investments in product development, by
using our own high-quality manufacturing standards and by working together with strong market partners.
4. Have been in this field more than 20 years. We hope to establish a long-term business relationship with our customers.
5. Have attended many Exhibitions both in domestic and other countries.

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