High Quality Auto Car Polishing Sponge Pad Polishing Pads Auto Foam Buffing Pad Detailing

Short Description:

It’s good for polishing the details, longer life with detail polishing
Each product has been checked, put under a durability and functionality test before shipped to you

Product Detail

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Name:Car Polishing Sponge Pad

Type:Polishing Pads

Size:5/6/7/8 inches

Material:Sponge / Foam

Application:Car Polishing Pad for car surface polishing

Color:Green / Blue / Yellow / White / Grey and so on.

Shape:Round Shape

The Features of this product:

1.Mainly used for car polishing and buffing, for general car paint, furniture polished finish! Very convenient and effective!

2.The sponge pad has fine porosity, super elastic, and water absorb ability, you can add polishing liquid (paste, powder) to achieve better polishing effect.

3. High density foam pad is ideal for scratch and defect removal.

4.Regular waxing and polishing set up a protective barrier against hostile attacks from the environment, your furniture and vehicle’s appearance will be protected for years.

5. Used for all kinds of coat paints’ waxing, polishing and sealing glaze, to clean and improve their lightness.

6. Long service life, well polishing effect,and easy operating.


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