Hot sale abrasive tools ceramic grain surface abrasive cloth quick change sanding disc

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Material: Ceramic

Grit: P36~P120

Type: R/S

Size: 1 1/2 inch ~ 3 inch


Offer a high level of stock removal and good at deburring

Provide a good surface finish and a long service life with continuous self-sharpening.

Removing heat discoloration.

Grinding of minerals, metal, glass and crystal.

High Performance for Various Work: The quick change sanding discs fits various surface conditioning and preconditioning situation: paint, rust, glue or adhesive removal, self-sharpening, sanding, cleaning, grinding, stripping, deburring, polishing, finishing, etc.
Quick-change & Steady Design: With a unique safety torque spiral, the connection between the sanding disc and the holder/tray gets firmly when rotating, ensuring a steady working and no fallout. Roll lock quick-change design just twists it to remove or connect.

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Perfect for All Surface: Quick hange sanding disc based on special fiber as substrate with abrasive particles Silicon Carbide pasted, get an open-mesh 3D structure, better elastic and plasticity, suitable for different shapes of various objects, works well even on rugged surface. Quick heat dissipation to avoid overheating deformation or discoloration. 2 inch sanding disc is perfect for detail work on tighter contoured areas and it provides sufficient coverage area to handle larger surfaces, plays well on all surfaces.

* QUICK SANDING – discs will sand, grind, level and strip surfaces quickly and efficiently. Remove rust and prep soft and hard woods, chip boards, fiber boards, non-ferrous metals, plastic, cork, rubber, and minerals
* EASY TO USE- All it takes is one simple turn and the disc is securely locked onto the mandrel. Use with any air or electric drill, die grinder, and other rotary tools for the utmost sanding control.

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