Semi-annual meeting of 2022

On July 15th, we held semi-annual meeting of 2022. Chairman Mr. Robin made a semi-annual work report emphasis on stabilizing the basic foreign trade and summarized the overall business performance of the first half year. Andy Wang pointed out that the Russia-Ukraine crisis has brought great losses of trade revenue of our company. Our trading with Russian and Ukrainian contracts are suffering payments delays and defaults. We are seeking legal and insurance advice on the possible impact of ongoing businesses in the two countries. It is important to work with the insurance company to carefully review insurance policies and determine whether any potential losses may be covered. Andy Wang asked all the staff to continue dialogue with trading partners and seek alternatives to traditional supplies of the conflict region. Sustainable and healthy business development is the foundation and key to solve all problems. All the staff will leave no stone unturned to ensure the completion of our annual goal. flap disc, cutting disc, hook and loop disc, diamond disc, sandpaper.

半年会议 (3) 年中总结4

Post time: Jul-22-2022

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