Use 3 in 1 Electric Car jack Makes Your Work Easier!

When we drive out, we often encounter a flat tire. If there is no repair shop nearby, we can only repair the tire on our own. Jack is an essential part of our repair tools.

But what bothers many car owners is that the manual jack is too laborious to use. Sometimes it can’t be completely jacked up after half an hour of operation, and it takes dozens of minutes to change the tire.

I think it’s time for you to replace a 3-in-1 electric car jack set!

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What are the advantages?

No manual, just need to place the jack in the right position, turn on the switch, less than 2 minutes, you can completely lift the car, 5 minutes can quickly change a tire.

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Saving time and effort, too little strength is not a problem, only need a switch can automatically lift, but also can follow the heart to control the height, no longer need to worry about work safety issues.

Not only can be wired control, but also can be wireless control, electric wrench 340mm torque, 5 seconds can easily remove the screw.

Please contact us if you are interested! We provide high quality electric jack tools!

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Post time: Dec-08-2022

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