What should the tile be cut with?

Now ceramic tile has become a popular home decoration material, widely loved by everyone, in the decoration process, there is no lack of need to cut ceramic tile, ordinary saw hardness is smaller than ceramic tile, not only can not cut perfectly, but also may break ceramic tile hurt people, so what should ceramic tile be used to cut?


Diamond blades are generally used to cut ceramic tiles, because diamond is a large hardness object, and the hardness of ordinary blades is generally less than the hardness of ceramic tiles, so it is impossible to cut ceramic tiles with ordinary blades. Therefore, diamond blades should be used when cutting ceramic tiles, which can not only cut off ceramic tiles, but also cut off ceramic tiles neatly. Moreover, diamond blades are cheap and labor-saving, so they are the best choice for cutting ceramic tiles. Generally diamond blades can be bought in hardware stores.


Our TRANRICH diamond saw blade hardness is very large, when cutting ceramic tiles will not be damaged, high practicality, overall high cost performance. In general, diamond saw blades are generally used in the cutting of concrete, stone, ceramics and other hard materials. You can buy this blade in the hardware store, or click the blue link to buy our high-quality diamond saw blades.

diamond saw blade

Post time: Dec-27-2022

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