Polish Solution


Metal solution

When you need the matal treatment, surface finish. You need the cutting disc and polishing disc that can offer you the results you need. Tranrich will offer you a full arrange of abrasives and cutting products for metal working.

Cutting Disc        Flap Disc


Wood solution

Our company has a wide variety of wood polishing products to fit your needs, sand paper are made from high quality aluminum oxide abrasive, which is durable and anti-clogging. The aluminum oxide grain delivers a fast cut and a smooth finish on your project.
TCT Saw Blade        Sand paper


Surface solution

Tranrich has the expertise to provide highly effective abrasive solutions for a broad range of surface finishing applications. We provide the best and economical solution for surface preparation work to increase productivity and reduce rework and labor cost.
Quick Changes        Flap Wheel


Car care solution

Tranrich provides superior car care cleaning products and services for our customers , that enhance the beauty and extend the life of automotive surfaces to maximize value and driving pleasure. Furthermore, our car care products can achieve good polishing and waxing effect and have no scratch or harm to car body simultaneously, efficient and useful, suitable for automobile beauty shop usage.
Auto Car Care

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