zirconia flap disc Quick Change Flap Disc Mini Flap Wheels for Grinder

Short Description:

Provides maximum contact with work surface
More aggressive than flat flap discs
Works well on curves and contours
Normally operated at a 15° to 25° angle
Use on right angle grinder

Product Detail

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Name:flap disc

Type:Quick Change Flap Disc

Material:zirconia flap disc


Size:2″, 3″

Backing:plastic nylon with R type

Usage:Surface conditioning:Stainless steel standard steel alloyed steel aluminum,nonferrous metals and alloys,plastic and glass


* Made of hard zirconia alumina material, which is durable. Good abrasion resistance, faster cutting and longer lifespan.

* The roloc discs designed with torque spiral, which enable replace disc quickly by twisting it to remove or connect. It connect the sanding disc with the holder or tray tightly, ensure the sanding disc work steady even at high speed.

* Great for grinding, blending, sanding and finishing on a wide range of material,such as rust, paint, ferrous, stainless steel, and non-ferrous metals, wood and plastics.

* Each flap disc is compatible with most 2 inch power drills, die grinders, air grinders and other power tools.





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