Car Windshield Ice Snow Removal Ice Scraper For Car Care Snow Shovel

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Usage:Car Window Snow Cleaning Car Glass Cleaning

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Name:Car Ice Scraper

Type:Ice Scraper




Usage:For Car Care:Car Window Snow Cleaning Car Glass Cleaning


* The high-strength ABS shaft, PC bristles, and EVA cotton handle have been engineered to withstand heavy snowstorms and temperatures as low as -40°F.

* Brush off snow and scrape under the ice without damaging your windshield! It can quickly help you brush off loose snow from car windshield, roof, door, hood, and side mirrors.

* Quickly separate the brush and scraper for easier handling or dividing up work; stores easily both while connected and detached

* 25″ long give you added reach for cars, 7″ brush head moves quickly across windscreens, 4.5” ice scraper gets deep


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