High Quality Hexagonal Straight Shank Ceramic Stone Cement Drill

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S&R Masonry Drill Bit Set  for Ceramic, Tiles, Glass, Bricks and Marble;   for Cylindrical/Round Shanks.   Professional Quality with Durable TUNGSTEN CARBIDE TIP!

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  • Suitable for use in:


  • Glass


  • Tiles (soft to medium hard tiles)


  • Ceramics


  • Bricks and marble


  • For successful drilling in tiles/ceramics, please refer to the instructions below and inform yourself about the proper drilling technique. Low speeds lead to optimum results.


  • HIGH-QUALITY TUNGSTEN CARBIDE: Drill Bit Set in comes in a PRACTICAL PLASTIC BOX with cylindrical shaft. Durable tungsten carbide tip for


  • MAXIMIZED RESISTANCE AND TOUGHNESS RELIABLE FOR ROUND SHANKS: Drills for Glass, Tiles, Ceramics, Marble. Drill Bits for drills with ROUND SHANKS for drilling machines and screw drills of any brand The drills produce clean and smooth holes. Use without impact. Low contact pressure and low speeds lead to optimal results

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