Long-Hair Purple Wool Polishing Foam Pad For Car Polishing

Short Description:

Wool Polishing Foam Pad made of natural lamb wool with high efficiency and long life to give you that premium performance.It’s good at car polishing.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Material:Wool polishing pad


Color:Purple or Black

Applications:It’s the perfect car polishing pad.Idear for polishing cars, glass, furniture, ceramic.

QUALIY:Each product has been checked, put under a durability and functionality test before shipped to you

Packaging:plastic bag + cartons

The Features:

1.Material made from pure wool, with great quality Soft and fine, not damage the paint surface easy to use, with hooks & loops,just put it on the polishing machine Perfect for polishing cars, glass, furniture, ceramic.

2.The cutting force of the long wool pad is greater than the short wool pad & the cushion wool pad.

3.Increase the sponge cushion to ensure the cutting force and reduce the possibility of throwing through the paint surface.

4.The beveled edge structure facilitates the polishing of corners or small angles.



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