General Purpose Segmented Diamond Saw Blade for Concrete & Masonry

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Diamond Blade for Block and Brick, Dry/Wet Cutting, Continuous Rim

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VERSATILITY – segmented style for fast cuts on concrete, block, brick and stone or turbo style for smooth cuts on concrete, masonry and stone .14″ blade designed to cut a wide range of construction materials including concrete, brick, block, masonry with performance/price ratio in mind .
USE WET OR DRY – high speed handheld saws or lightweight walk-behind saws recommended
General-tranrich Concrete saw Diamond blades are used for general-purpose dry or wet cutting of solidified concrete, masonry, pavers, bricks, blocks, bluestones, slates or any other similar material.
Premium Diamond bonded matrix – Enables faster, longer lasting, smoother diamond blade cutting, resulting in better performance with less stress on the operator and machine.
10MM high head – maximizes cutting life and reduces cost per cut.

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