100mm Diamond Marble Saw Blade Ceramic Tile Stone Cutting Disc Diamond Glass Cutting Disc

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【GLASS CUTTING DISC】This glass cutting disc thin saw adopts diamond high manganese steel substrate, new brazing process, upgraded and improved blade, more convenient, safer and longer service life. Cutting glass accurately without chips, high temperature resistance, low noise
【CHIP FREE CUTTING】1mm ultra-thin diamond cutting blade, sharp, straight, fast cutting, uniform grinding force, good flatness, less chips, more durable
【EASY TO USE】Fit for angle grinder / marble machine, easy to install and use. This high hardness diamond tile blade can be cut continuously for a long time, also can be dry / wet cutting
【WIDE USE】Available for smooth cutting, chamfering and grinding of glass, jade, crystal, wine bottles, ceramics, tiles and other materials
【PRODUCT SIZE】4″ (100mm) diameter, 0.04″ (1mm) thick, compatible with all 4″ (100 type) angle grinders

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