Ceramic honing rods knife sharpening rods for fast sharpening knife

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*It is made up of ceramic (1000#) rod and ABS handle..

*Logo could customize.

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*Material;ABS handle+Ceramic rod


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*Blunt knife, collapse, roll edge a grindstone to solve

*High hardness self sharpening good abrasive fast loss is small

*ABS handle, feel in line with the ergonomic design save time and effort.

*Made with high hardness material and quality casting technology, sharpening rod is your ideal choice for hard steel knives because of anty-rust and durability.

*Application:Kitchen knives, slaughter knives, bone knives, planers and other hard steel tools are available.

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Ceramic honing rod
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ABS +Ceramic
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Sample available,shipping cost prepaid

ceramic sharpening rod

*Oval shape design ensures this hand held knife sharpeners higher efficiency and quick sharp sharpening results. Ceramic Knife Sharpener coated coarse sand surface can sharpen hardened knives, making this best knife steel ultra-light and simplest using;

*This kitchen knife honing rod is the best helper for kitchen appliance, unlike other Stainless Steel Rod, it’s quite stable and Wearproof, especially for Dull Kitchen knives, sharpening a few times, a New SHARP Knife will return;

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Using Instructions

 1, Place the plastic tip on the end of the sharpening rod on a solid surface. Apply lightly downward pressure to avoid slipping during use.

2, Place heel of your blade at the top of sharpening rod at preferred 20 degree angle.Sharpen the knife from heel to tip and repeat 2~3 times, then turn to the other side of the knife until blade sharp.

Generally, use this diamond or ceramic sharpener once a week to keep your blade sharp.


Care Instructions

 1, Please use non-woven oil cloth soaked with cooking oil to wipe the body of the sharpening rod and dry it.

2, When washed with water, make sure to wipe dry completely after washing and hang in a cool place to dry completely.

3, Avoid putting the sharpening rod in dishwasher or water.

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